Key to a Fortune Episode 5, 21 April 2024, Channel 4

Channel 4

Key to a Fortune returns with its fifth episode, continuing the captivating journey of uncovering inheritors to unclaimed properties. In this instalment, airing on Channel 4 on Sunday 21 April, host Jean Johansson surprises inheritor Janet with the news that she is the rightful heir to a detached property in Potters Bar, North London, worth a substantial £500,000.

The episode begins with Janet learning about her unexpected windfall—a beautiful home that once belonged to a distant relative she never knew existed. As she steps inside her new property, Janet discovers its hidden potential and explores the possibilities that come with such an inheritance.

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With the help of property expert Stuart Douglas, Janet uncovers the true value of the home and gains insights into the relative who left her this life-changing gift. The episode also examines the complexities of inheritance, as Janet must convince her cousins to unite in a decision: to keep the home in the family or sell it and divide the fortune.

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Key to a Fortune continues to deliver a blend of genealogy, mystery, and emotion, as unexpected inheritances change lives and connect distant relatives. The series sheds light on the impact of unclaimed properties and the journeys of those who suddenly find themselves facing life-altering decisions.

Key to a Fortune airs on Channel 4 at 5.30 pm on Sunday, 21 April 2024.

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