Kill or Be Killed: ‘Killer Cam Girl’ (Oxygen, Saturday, May 18, 2024)

Kill or Be Killed

In the upcoming episode of Oxygen’s true-crime series Kill or Be Killed, detectives unravel a chilling case involving a cosplay model, a tragic death, and a trail of evidence that casts doubt on whether it was self-defense or cold-blooded murder. The episode, titled “Killer Cam Girl,” looks into a complex investigation that begins with a frantic 911 call.

The episode centers on a cosplay model’s desperate call to emergency services, in which she claims to have awoken to a horrifying scene: her boyfriend lying stabbed to death. As detectives arrive on the scene, they discover a disturbing picture painted by the surveillance footage captured around the home. This evidence becomes crucial in leading investigators to the truth behind the deadly incident.

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However, the case takes a nuanced turn as the evidence gives rise to conflicting interpretations. The question of self-defense versus murder hangs in the air, and it’s up to detectives to meticulously piece together the events that unfolded and make a determination. Was the boyfriend truly the aggressor, or are there darker secrets yet to be uncovered?

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Kill or Be Killed: Killer Cam Girl airs Saturday, May 18, 2024, at 9:00 PM on Oxygen.

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