Killer Cases: The Boy in the Woods (A&E, Wednesday June 5, 2024)

Killer Cases

An upcoming episode of Killer Cases, titled “The Boy in the Woods,” will air on A&E on Wednesday June 5, 2024. The episode examines the mysterious death of a 6-year-old boy, found in the woods 20 years ago, and how an artist’s age-progressed portrait may hold the key to solving the case.

Despite two decades passing, detectives have never forgotten the tragic case of the young boy found dead in the woods. Their quest for justice remains unresolved. However, a new lead emerges when an artist creates an age-progressed portrait of the boy, visualizing what he might have looked like as a young man. This portrait is then shared on social media, sparking interest and generating new clues that could potentially lead to identifying the victim and catching his killer.

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“The Boy in the Woods” explores the impact of social media in solving cold cases, highlighting the power of community engagement and the determination of detectives to pursue justice for victims, even after many years.

Killer Cases: The Boy in the Woods airs Tuesday, June 5, 2024, at 9:00 p.m. on A&E.

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