“King Konan’s Trap Door” New For Channel 4.0 on YouTube

Channel 4

Step into the medieval-style courtroom with Channel 4.0’s new series ‘King Konan’s Trap Door’ starring rapper Konan. Watch as petty squabbles are settled and justice is served. Premieres on December 14th at 6pm.

Medieval-Style Justice with King Konan’s Trap Door

Channel 4.0 has announced the launch of a new series called ‘King Konan’s Trap Door’ featuring rapper and judge of BBC Three’s ‘The Rap Game UK’, Konan. The three-part series, produced by Ranga Bee Productions, will see Konan and a team settle disputes between friends and family in a medieval-style courtroom. On Thursday, December 14th, at 6pm, you can tune in to Channel 4.0’s YouTube page to watch the premiere.

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Artist Specs Gonzalez, podcaster and presenter GK Barry, actor Michael Dapaah, and rapper Konan will all be appearing on the show to mediate minor disputes. Everyone gets a chance to justify themselves, and if Konan doesn’t like it, they’ll all go down the trap door.

The announcement of ‘King Konan’s Trap Door’ follows the news of a third series of hit prank-series, Tapped Out, starring Nella Rose. The first episode of ‘King Konan’s Trap Door’ will be available to watch on Thursday 14th December at 6pm on the Channel 4.0 YouTube page.

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The series was executive produced by Benjamin Green, series produced and executive produced by Shereen Docherty, line produced by Ruth Emerson, directed by Ricky Williams, and produced by Ranga Bee Productions in association with Konan’s Dancing Mood Productions. It was commissioned by Digital Commissioning Editor and Channel 4.0 Lead, Evie Buckley.

The Channel 4 editorial leads are headed by Head of Digital Commissioning, Sacha Khari, Digital Commissioning Editor, Evie Buckley and Digital Commissioning Executive, Kaio Grizzelle. Audience development, publishing, and community engagement strategies are led by 4Studio, Channel 4’s social content and distribution platform.

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