Lifetime Announces Original Movie “I Thought My Husband’s Wife Was Dead”

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Lifetime presents its latest original movie, “I Thought My Husband’s Wife Was Dead,” premiering on Saturday, August 3, 2024. The film is an adaptation of Minka Kent’s bestselling novel, “Unmissing.”

The story centers on Lola Winters (Sherilyn Allen), a woman who looks like she has it all: a loving husband, Leo Winters (Jamall Johnson), a successful restaurant, and a comfortable life. However, this idyllic existence is shattered when a woman from Leo’s past, Tori (LeToya Luckett), arrives on their doorstep. Tori, presumed dead and missing for five years, throws Lola’s world into turmoil, raising questions about her motives and the secrets she may be hiding.

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Tori’s return creates tension and suspicion, especially as she has not contacted the police. Instead, she demands a substantial sum of money from the Winters before she will leave town, further fueling the mystery surrounding her intentions.

“I Thought My Husband’s Wife Was Dead” is produced by JPS Productions Inc., with executive producers Stacy Mandelberg and Tamara T. Gregory. The movie is directed by Troy Scott, and the screenplay is written by Tamara T. Gregory, based on Minka Kent’s novel.

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“I Thought My Husband’s Wife Was Dead” airs on Saturday, August 3, 2024, on Lifetime.

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