Long Lost Family: Born Without Trace: Episode 2 (ITV1, Tuesday, 11 June 2024)


Long Lost Family: Born Without Trace returns with a new episode on ITV1, airing on Tuesday, June 11, 2024. In this emotional episode, we meet ‘Euston Baby’ Rachel, who was abandoned as a baby in a battered carry cot in Euston Station’s long-stay car park over 50 years ago. Rachel still bears the physical scars from this traumatic event and is desperate for answers about her past.

The episode also introduces us to foundling Steve, who has even less information about his early life. Taken into care from an unlicensed foster home, Steve has no records of his existence before he was nine months old. With limited clues to go on, the team behind Long Lost Family combines DNA technology and meticulous detective work to help these four foundlings uncover their true identities.

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Rachel, nicknamed the ‘Euston Baby’, has always been curious about her origins. Her adoptive mother used to tell her, “you were like Paddington Bear; you were found at a train station.” However, the similarities end there. Rachel still has physical scars from being left alone as an infant, and she is determined to piece together her story. With the help of the Long Lost Family team, Rachel embarks on a journey to discover her biological family and find closure.

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Steve’s situation is even more mysterious. He has no records of his existence before he was nine months old, taken into care from an unlicensed foster home. With no knowledge of his birth family or even his time of birth, Steve is desperate for any clues that could lead him closer to the truth. The team employs their expertise and resources to help Steve fill in the blanks and find the answers he deserves.

Long Lost Family: Born Without Trace, Episode 2 airs on Tuesday, 11 June 2024, at 9:00 PM on ITV1.

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