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Love In The Flesh New for BBC Three



Five online dating couples meet for the first time in person to spend a week together in a beautiful Greek beach villa. Will their online chemistry convert into a real-life romance?

These online daters will be whisked away from the stresses of everyday life and their screens to see if their online romances may blossom into real-world love. Some couples will have been conversing for years, while others will have only been flirting for months or weeks, having began their relationships through apps, stories, and DMs. Is their online presence, however, representative of who they are in real life?

They have never met before owing to personal circumstances or geographical factors, so they will meet for the first time at a beach home and finally get the chance to spend quality time together. This is where they begin to learn more about the person they’ve been conversing with and whether or not this is a relationship they want to pursue in the real world.

As with all relationships, some will work and some won’t. If online couples do decide to split, there are opportunities to form new relationships and to compare the chemistry of online versus real world connections. Throughout the series, the couples learn from each other, take on challenges to explore different sides of their relationship and discuss the differences in their dating behaviour when there are no filters and no screens to hide behind. Presenter Zara McDermott is there as a confidante and a guide and the series will also unpick wider themes relating to dating and the benefits or pitfalls when it comes to trying to make connections online or in person.