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Love Island Australia Afterparty Looks at the Biggest Week in the Shows History



Tonight, on Love Island Australia Afterparty join host Abbie Chatfield and a panel of celebrity superfans discussing the biggest week in Love Island history, which introduced viewers to Casa Amor and 11 hot new singles ready to test loyalties and turn heads.

Abbie also asks the big questions of family and friends of Tina and Ryan – and the question on everyone’s minds – will Mitch and Tina win Love Island Australia?

Special guests re-joining Abbie on the panel discussing the highs and lows of Casa Amor are KIISFM radio presenter Mitch Churi, entrepreneur, author, and cultural commentator Flex Mami, and Love Island Australia season one islanders and couple, Josh Moss & Amelia Marni.

Can’t get enough of the cheeky antics happening on Love Island Australia? Tune into Afterparty each Thursday night for all the latest gossip, behind-the-scenes stories, and exclusive interviews to stay up to date with what’s happening in the Love Island Australia villa.

Love Island Afterparty airs Thursday at 10.30pm on Channel 9