Love Island Tonight Thursday June 6, 2024 on ITV2 and ITVX

Love Island Series 11 2024

On the Thursday June 6 episode of Love Island, new girl Uma makes her entrance and immediately heads to the Hideaway with Ayo, leaving the Islanders intrigued. Uma wastes no time in getting to know Ayo, complimenting his looks and style. Their connection is instant and strong. Meanwhile, the girls comfort Mimii, who expresses her desire to keep a low profile.

As Uma and Ayo bond, Joey can’t help but notice, and he later finds himself in the Hideaway with Uma as well. The two exchange flirty comments about their senses of smell and appearance. Uma’s confidence and direct approach make an impact on Joey.

Back at the Villa, the girls discuss the boys’ reaction to Uma’s arrival. Joey, coupled up with Samantha, finds himself in a tricky situation. He senses Samantha’s irritation and questions why she seems upset. Joey defends his actions, stating his transparency and openness to getting to know everyone. He expresses his frustration at always being perceived as the “bad guy.”

Ciaran, coupled up with Harriett, finds himself in a similar predicament. He is drawn to Nicole and struggles to deny the sparks flying between them. Ciaran and Nicole share a moment in the garden, resisting the urge to kiss. However, Ciaran later kisses Harriett in bed, leaving Nicole shocked and confused when she finds out.

Will Joey and Samantha be able to move past Uma’s disruption? What does the future hold for Ciaran, Harriett, and Nicole’s love triangle?

Love Island airs Sunday through Friday at 9:00 PM on ITV2 and ITVX.


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