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Love Nature Dives Beneath the Surface to Explore the Greatest Predator on Earth, in Its Latest Global Original Planet Shark, Premiering October 15



Love Nature’s global original docuseries, Planet Shark (3 x 60’; 4K & HDR), reveals new scientific discoveries and incredible footage of one of the most mysterious and ancient predators on the planet—sharks. Using the latest tracking and high-speed camera technologies, the blue-chip series captures 28 species of sharks across six countries, including Norway, United States, South Africa and Australia. Audiences follow the cameras on an underwater expedition with the world’s leading shark scientists, who offer new perspectives and big-picture insights into how these animals have managed to outlive and outperform every other predator on earth since prehistoric times. Planet Shark premieres Saturday, October 15 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Love Nature in Canada during the channel’s FinFest programming event from October 10-16. Love Nature is also available on Prime Video and Apple TV in Canada with Planet Shark available to stream from October 15. 

“Sharks have long dominated our oceans and pop-culture due to their incredible power and reputation, but our understanding of these species is often limited. Big Wave Productions’ Planet Shark shows us that with new tracking and filming technologies, and stunning cinematography, we can get closer to sharks than ever before, allowing us to change our perception of these supreme predators.” says Alison Barrat, SVP of Production & Development, Love Nature. 

Planet Shark showcases the incredible survival tactics that have allowed sharks to reign supreme for over 400 million years. Featuring interviews with leading shark scientists, marine biologists and reachers, including Richard Fitzpatrick, Kara Yopak, Gavin Naylor, Mike Heithaus, Greg Skomal, Jaida Elcock, and Melanie Hutchinson, the series serves plenty of bite-size shark facts, from their ability to hunt in teams to the incredible depths some sharks can swim, and their record-breaking migration paths spanning different oceans. The series captures rare species, such as blind sharks that can live for up to 400 years and even sharks that appear to glow-in-the-dark. Planet Shark also features never-before-seen footage and behaviour of the rare Sailfin Roughshark, this alien-looking shark was filmed deep off the remote islands of the Azores in the Atlantic by scientists working in a submersible.

From October 10 to16, Love Nature in Canada will be airing a spectacular feeding frenzy of shark programming during FinFest, including the Love Nature global original series Ocean’s Greatest Feast (narrated by Graham McTavish), Shark Squad, Shark: Beyond the Bite, When Shark Meets Croc, and more.

Planet Shark is produced by Big Wave Productions, with Mark Woodward as Series Producer and Director and Emma Ross and Sarah Cunliffe as Executive Producers. On behalf of Love Nature, James Manfull is Executive Producer and Alison Barrat is SVP of Production & Development. Planet Shark is overseen by Alison Barrat, SVP of Production & Development, Love Nature.