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“Love Off the Grid” Premieres Sunday, January 30 on discovery+



Four couples think they have found “the one,” with one problem: one partner lives completely off the grid – no running water, no electricity, and no civilization in sight. LOVE OFF THE GRID, premiering Sunday, January 30 on discovery+, follows four people accustomed to modern amenities who give it all up for a chance at true love. For the first time, these couples will live together in total isolation to see if they can make it work in the wild. Will the great outdoors bring these relationships closer together? Or will their extreme differences in lifestyles bring the couples to their breaking points?

Charlie, Joseph, Spence, and Angela left civilization years ago and have built a new life in unforgiving landscapes – mountains and deserts. Living off the land, they hunt, trap, fish, and forage for their food. If they need something, they make it, and if something breaks, they fix it. The only thing missing from their lives is a partner. However, they love their remote locations so much that they refuse to break away from their off-the-grid lifestyles.

Jen, Myesha, Lyndsay, and Josh enjoy the modern luxuries of living in a city, like going to the spa, having drinks with friends, and getting pedicures as well as everyday necessities like indoor plumbing and air conditioning, but they are willing to leave their lives behind for a chance at love with their off the grid partner. Each day will be a challenge, but they have their loved ones to show them how to survive in the wilderness.

After breaking up over 20 years ago, will Jen now be ready to embrace Charlie’s unique lifestyle? How will Myesha learn to raise goats with Joseph on their secluded farm while also welcoming another woman into their relationship? Is Lyndsay able to give up her social life to live with Spence? In addition to almost having a 30 year age gap between them, will Josh (27) be able to survive the 120-degree desert heat while living at Angela’s (56) secluded house with no air conditioning?

Each couple will have to learn to adapt as they attempt to build a life together. This isn’t just partners vs. the elements – this is about testing the limits of nature and their relationship. They must hunt for food, gather resources, and maintain the homestead. But to what extremes will these couples go to make it work for love?

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LOVE OFF THE GRID is produced by Sharp Entertainment. For Sharp Entertainment, Executive Producers are Matt Sharp, Dan Adler, and Doug Fitch. For Discovery, Executive Producers are Keith Hoffman and Erin Wanner, Supervising Producer is Sarah Russell and the Production Coordinator is Marissa Donovan.