Macaque Island Episode 2, 14 April 2024, Sky Nature, “The Grass Is Greener”

My Best Friend's an Animal

In the second episode of Macaque Island, viewers will witness the escalating tensions between two rival troops of long-tailed macaques in the forests of Singapore.

The episode, “The Grass Is Greener“, airing on Sky Nature on Sunday 14 April, explores the complex dynamics of macaque society as the Hill Troop invades the Street Troop’s turf. The Sisterhood, a group within the macaque community, plots to kidnap Sara’s baby, while alpha Loci is confronted by the return of an old rival.

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The series, narrated by Atta Otigba, offers a unique insight into the lives of these curious and intelligent primates. It showcases the two distinct troops—the Street Troop, led by Matnoor, and the wilder Hill Troop, once ruled by the old alpha, Aarav.

Macaque Island takes viewers on a journey into the world of macaques, revealing their social hierarchies, turf wars, and the challenges they face in their natural habitat.

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Macaque Island airs on Sky Nature at 6.00 pm on Sunday, 14 April 2024.

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