Made in Chelsea Season 27 Premiere, 15 April 2024, E4

Made in Chelsea

The latest season of Made in Chelsea kicks off with the gang returning to their familiar haunts in Chelsea following a dramatic trip to Sydney. In the season 27 premiere, airing on E4, Monday, 15 April, the focus is on the evolving relationships and fresh challenges facing our favourite socialites.

Following a dramatic trip to Sydney, the gang returns to Chelsea with a brand new season premiering on E4 on Monday 15 April, but as season 27 gets underway things have cooled between Tristan and Lauren since their rekindled romance Down Under. Tristan reveals his intention to hire a nanny to help Maeva, and also plans to book a sex therapist to spice up his married life.

Tristan and Lauren’s relationship has hit a bump after their time in Sydney, and Tristan is now focused on two things: finding a nanny to assist Maeva and booking a sex therapist to add some excitement to his marriage.

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Tristan’s announcement about the sex therapist surprises the lads, who are also intrigued by his plan to recruit a nanny for Maeva. Tristan and James discuss the dynamics of their relationships, with Tristan noting that he and Lauren are “like brother and sister”.

Tristan’s plans for the nanny and the sex therapist reflect his desire to shake things up and bring some excitement back into his marriage. He acknowledges that things have become a bit too comfortable and predictable with Lauren, and he wants to reignite the spark.

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Meanwhile, James and his wife, Maeva, are navigating their own relationship challenges. James expresses his frustration with Maeva’s habit of leaving her clothes scattered around the house. He also mentions that Maeva has been spending a lot of time with her friends, leaving him feeling a bit neglected.

As the episode unfolds, we see the group’s dynamic shift as they adjust to life back in Chelsea. The focus on relationships and the desire to break free from mundane routines sets the tone for the season, promising more drama and unexpected twists.

Made in Chelsea airs Monday 15 April 2024 at 9:00 pm on E4.

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