MAFS Last Night on 9; Claire Confesses to Jesse



Married At First Sight Australia

Claire confesses to Jesse after kissing Adam last night on Channel 9’s Married At First Sight Australia.

With the animosity of the previous night’s Commitment Ceremony gone, good vibes are now in the air in the Married At First Sight experiment. Jesse is overjoyed with his and Claire’s positive turnaround, yet Claire is feeling guilty and ashamed, knowing she has a big secret that needs to be revealed. She can no longer handle the burden and goes to Sandy’s for advice. Claire admits that she did in fact kiss Adam on their night out, and Adam has been messaging her to keep quiet. She decides the best thing to do is to come clean to Jesse and Janelle.

At the same time, two more weddings are going on. Evelyn and Rupert’s wedding is a bit of a disaster, with Rupert losing the ring and not being able to get his vows out. Evelyn is disappointed that there isn’t much of a spark between them. Tayla and Hugo’s wedding is more successful, with Hugo charmed by Tayla’s “space cadet” nature and Tayla being won over by Hugo’s heartfelt vows.

Meanwhile, Jesse is reminiscing about his own wedding day with Claire, while Claire is feeling guilty and ashamed. She finally builds up the courage to tell him the truth, and Jesse is not pleased. He is glad that his suspicions were founded and is looking forward to getting revenge on Adam. Claire apologizes again, and Jesse is shocked that she kissed Adam after only 30 minutes.

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