Marcus Wareing: Simply Provence – Episode 11 (BBC Two, Monday, 20 May 2024)

Marcus Wareing Simply Provence

In the upcoming episode of Marcus Wareing: Simply Provence, airing on BBC Two on Monday, 20 May 2024, at 6:30 pm, the focus shifts to a special ingredient that elevates the culinary delights of Provence—beef. While the UK has its reputation for beef, Marcus Wareing discovers that Provence offers a unique twist to this familiar favorite.

In this episode, Marcus explores the local fascination with a specific type of beef: bull meat. He meets his neighbor, Jerome, who invites him to his restaurant for a lesson in Provencal boeuf. Marcus is surprised to learn that the local specialty is not your typical beef but rather bull meat. To understand this unique culinary tradition, Marcus accompanies Jerome to a bull farm on the outskirts of town. Here, he discovers a breed of cattle unique to the region, smaller in size than their UK counterparts and with a long history of being a Provencal delicacy.

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Intrigued by this discovery, Marcus proposes a friendly competition—a steak sandwich cook-off between him and the local bull farmers to determine whether beef or bull reigns supreme in terms of taste and culinary versatility. Before the cook-off, Marcus immerses himself in the local cuisine by preparing daube de boeuf, a renowned regional stew. This hearty dish showcases the ability to transform even the cheapest cuts of beef into a luxurious, flavourful meal.

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Marcus Wareing: Simply Provence, Series 1, Episode 11 airs Monday, 20 May 2024, at 6:30 pm on BBC Two.

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