Married At First Sight Australia Last Night: Couples clash at “The Retreat”



Made In Chelsea

Last night the couples on Channel 9’s “Married at First Sight Australia” headed off to “The Retreat,” but the drama was not left behind. While some were hopeful for a peaceful stay, it became quite clear that living in close quarters with each other was never going to be easy.

Tayla, who was feeling betrayed by Hugo after he “lied” at the last Commitment Ceremony, invited him back into the apartment, but it was for “purely selfish” reasons. Tayla admitted to just wanting to keep Hugo quiet in the lead up to “The Retreat,” where she claimed a room with two single beds to avoid any unwanted intimacy. But as it turns out, her high sex drive and previous bedroom activities have made her a hot topic of conversation among the brides. This left Hugo feeling frustrated and even more confused about where they stand.

Meanwhile, Bronte found herself defending her husband, Harrison, amid claims that the couple had been making snide comments during the Dinner Parties and Commitment Ceremonies. The other brides thought that Bronte was being manipulated by Harrison, but she refused to believe their accusations, referring to them as just “jealous.” The tension between the couples continued to mount, with Alyssa and Duncan hitting a road bump in their relationship.

It  very clear that their time at “The Retreat” is not going to be long enough for this group to solve all their issues, as new secrets, lies, and accusations continued to come to light.

Married At First Sight Australia continues tonight at 7.30pm on Channel 9.

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