Max Original Series BREAKING NEW GROUND Set for June 27 Premiere

Breaking New Ground

The upcoming Max Original series BREAKING NEW GROUND is set to premiere on June 27, with new episodes airing weekly through August 1. The six-episode season will follow Broadway performer, entrepreneur, and educator Robert Hartwell as he embarks on a journey to transform a 200-year-old house with a complex history into a loving home.

Produced by Scott Brothers Entertainment and the Oprah Winfrey Network, the series promises to celebrate the resilience of Hartwell’s journey and those who came before him. Hartwell also serves as an executive producer and host, alongside executive producers Drew Scott, Jonathan Scott, Jane Van Deuren, Damani Baker, and Josie Crimi.

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In a unique renovation story, Hartwell takes on the challenge of restoring an old house, uncovering and honoring its past while creating a space filled with love and positivity. The series description teases a celebration of resilience and a showcase of Hartwell’s journey and those connected to the house’s history.

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With a focus on transformation and a unique blend of history and renovation, BREAKING NEW GROUND offers a fresh take on the traditional home improvement show.

Breaking New Ground Premieres June 27 on HBO.

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