Maya Rudolph Delivers a Memorable Beyoncé Impression on “Saturday Night Live”

Saturday Night Live

Maya Rudolph revived her celebrated impression of Beyoncé on “Saturday Night Live,” on Saturday May 11 on a new edition of the late night NBC show, offering a hilarious portrayal of the music icon. In a sketch parodying the popular web series “Hot Ones,” Rudolph, as Beyoncé, navigates a spicy interview with host Sean Evans (Mikey Day), resulting in a comedic meltdown.

The sketch showcases Beyoncé’s wig manager, played by Kenan Thompson, who frantically adjusts her wig behind the scenes as the spicy sauces take their toll. Rudolph’s nuanced performance captures the mannerisms and unique charm of Beyoncé, adding a layer of authenticity to the parody.

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Rudolph’s history of portraying Beyoncé on “SNL” dates back to 2004, when she co-hosted “The Prince Show” with Fred Armisen. She has since appeared as Beyoncé multiple times, including sketches after the birth of Blue Ivy in 2012 and a Grammys-inspired appearance in 2021. Her impressions have become highly anticipated by fans, who appreciate the subtle nuances and attention to detail she brings to each performance.

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The May 12, 2024, episode of “Saturday Night Live,” hosted by Rudolph, featured an array of sketches and notable appearances. Martin Short, Tina Fey, and Rachel Dratch joined in on the fun, while musical guest Jack Harlow surprised with a rap cameo. However, it was Rudolph’s Beyoncé impression that stood out as the highlight of the episode.

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