‘Mayor of Kingstown’ Episode Review: “Guts”

Mayor of Kingstown

The latest episode of ‘Mayor of Kingstown’, titled “Guts,” explores the far-reaching impact of incarceration. Written by Regina Corrado, the narrative explores the consequences for convicts and their loved ones, as well as the prison’s complex internal dynamics.

Jeremy Renner’s Mike reflects on how imprisonment leaves indelible marks on both inmates and their families, setting the tone for the episode. During a prison visiting day, we witness a Crip inmate, Big Hush (Jock McKissic), receive a bag of potato chips from his girlfriend, Sharon. She has also passed on several baggies of drugs. After consuming them, Big Hush dies, and his fellow inmates cut him open to retrieve the stash.

As ADA Evelyn Foley (Necar Zadegan) grapples with a spate of deaths from spiked opiates, both inside and outside the prison walls, she reluctantly seeks Mike’s assistance. The drugs are a deadly mix of legal and illegal pharmaceuticals, and the situation escalates with the murder of Sharon, whose body is discovered outside the prison.

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Mike instructs the Crip point man, Raphael (D Smoke), to collaborate with rival gangs to locate a new drug supplier, despite Raphael’s distrust. Mike pushes for a deal with the Mexicans, Guatemalans, Colombians, or El Salvadorans.

Meanwhile, Mike’s associate, prison guard Carney (Lane Garrison), expresses frustration over his menial tasks assigned by Warden Kareem Moore (Michael Beach). Carney defends Mike’s role in maintaining peace in Kingstown, but Warden Kareem remains unconvinced, questioning the true nature of their work.

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The episode also introduces Anna Fletcher (Paula Malcomson), a grieving mother who requests Mike’s help in extending the prison sentence of her son’s murderer, Greg Stewart. When Mike is unable to intervene, Anna takes matters into her own hands, paying him off and later murdering Greg upon his release.

“Guts” concludes with Mike visiting Evelyn at her home, their secret affair resuming as the drug-related deaths subside. Bunny (Tobi Bamtefa) remains vigilant, on the lookout for the saboteur responsible for the deadly drug mix.

This installment of ‘Mayor of Kingstown’ excels in its exploration of the show’s unique setting, where the volatile prison dynamics extend beyond the walls, impacting the wider community.

Mayor of Kingstown airs on Paramount+ and Paramount+ with Showtime.

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