“Mayor of Kingstown” Season 3 Episode 3: “Barbarians at the Gate” Recap

Mayor of Kingstown

The third episode of Paramount+’s “Mayor of Kingstown” Season 3, titled “Barbarians at the Gate,” delivers another intense and gripping installment. The episode opens with a disturbing discovery: the bodies of two of Milo’s men are found, indicating that Konstantin Noskov is making a power play.

Mike McLusky (Jeremy Renner) fears for the safety of the missing Iris and rushes to confront Konstantin, leaving a trail of beaten men in his wake. Konstantin, aware of Mike’s reputation, delivers a veiled threat, welcoming him to Kingstown. Their tense encounter is broken up by the police, but the message is clear – Konstantin is not one to be trifled with.

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Mike’s attempt to establish dominance over Konstantin is short-lived as he becomes entangled in a high-speed chase with one of Konstantin’s henchmen, ending in a deadly fight. The growing list of problems demanding Mike’s attention forces him to back off from taking immediate action. However, his restraint frustrates Detective Ian Ferguson (Hugh Dillon), who advocates for a more permanent solution to the Konstantin problem.

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The episode also explores the rising tension between Mike and Kareem, the prison warden, who refuses to see their interests as aligned. Mike emphasizes the need for collaboration, reminding Kareem that what happens inside the prison has repercussions outside its walls.

Meanwhile, ADA Evelyn Foley (Necar Zadegan) continues her crusade against Robert Sawyer, putting her at odds with Captain Walter (Rob Kirkland). Mike warns her of the bridges she’s burning and the potential consequences of her relentless pursuit.

As the episode draws to a close, a shocking twist unfolds: a fleet of police cars in the KPD parking lot explodes.

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