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Mean Girl Murders, April 15, 2024, Investigation Discovery, “Queen vs. Princess”



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In Marathon County, Wisconsin, a Dairy Princess may be more popular than a Homecoming Queen, but when one of them is found murdered, detectives face a challenging investigation with a large pool of suspects, including strangers and foes.

In this episode of Mean Girl Murders, airing on ID on Monday April 15, we have a deadly story of “Queen vs. Princess.” The case involves Lori Esker, the Dairy Princess of Marathon County, and Lisa Cihaski, a former Homecoming Queen. Esker was obsessed with her ex-boyfriend, Bill Buss, and when he started dating Cihaski, her jealousy turned deadly. Esker drove 150 miles to confront Cihaski at her workplace, and the two women got into a heated argument. Esker claimed that she was pregnant with Buss’ baby, and during the fight, she strangled Cihaski with her own belt.

Esker was convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison in 1990. However, she became eligible for parole after serving 13 years and nine months. She was released in July 2019 and will continue serving her sentence on supervised parole.

The case received widespread attention and was even made into a TV movie called “Beauty’s Revenge,” which aired on NBC and Lifetime.


Mean Girl Murders airs on Investigation Discovery at 9.00 pm on Monday, April 15, 2024.

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