Meet Ramona from Channel 4’s new reality show “Rise and Fall”



Age: 34
From: Born in Germany, raised in London.
Occupation: CEO

Ramona credits moving from Munich to London as a child and having to learn a new language with sparking her desire to work hard and excel in the business world. She is now CEO of numerous hospitality and tech businesses.

Who is a great leader?
In my eyes it’s really someone who has been with me for the last 10 or 11 years and that’s my husband. We work together. His leadership, skills and professionalism have really been something to look up to and together we are a power couple. Then of course there’s Steve Jobs and Jeff Bezos but, really, having someone close in heart who’s a great leader is a little bit more special.

What makes them great leaders?
What makes my husband a great leader is that he’s persistent, focused and thinks before he acts. He’s great with people and team building. Other people, such as Jeff Bezos, he’s great, he’s built something from nothing. You can just see the development in his work and his work ethic. As for Steve Jobs – talk about technology. He went all the way from something to creating one of the most incredible types of technology that we use today and things we cannot live without. That is very idealistic.

What qualities do you have that will help you win Rise and Fall?
My qualities that will help me win are from experiences I’ve gained in business. I have been doing this since I was 21. I’ve worked in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Germany and the UK. I’ve learnt so much. I’ve worked with so many people from different cultures and backgrounds and I can lead people using the knowledge and experience I’ve gained.

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