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Meet The Builders on The Bridge Australia – Premieres Friday on Paramount+



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12 strangers are given the task of constructing a 330-meter bridge over a lake in 17 days using only their bare hands and the most basic tools. However, there is a catch as there always is, and the key is the enigmatic glowing beacon. Welcome to The Bridge Australia, which will be available only on Paramount+ premiering this Friday.

Aussies from all walks of life have gathered in Tasmania’s wild interior to tackle this task. Meet your builders, Australia.

Hailing from Victoria is Author Allira, Marketing Consultant Georgina, Social Media Coordinator Rhiannon and Paramedic Steve.

Carpenter Bardie, Advertising Executive Elliot, Heavy Machinery Operator Jessi and Dance Choreographer Tiana all fly the flag for NSW.

From the heat of Queensland to the cold of Tasmania is Mechanic Dean, Model Maddie, Sales Director Madison, Bush Poet Mark and Life Coast Tony.

And The Bridge Australia wouldn’t be complete with local Tasmanian Adventurer Justin.

Will they succeed in their task to win the $250,000? Only time will tell. Build it together. Cross it alone.