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Michael Sheen’s The Way Premieres on BBC One Monday 19 February



The Way Cast BBC One

In a bold new drama titled “The Way,” creators James Graham, Michael Sheen, and Adam Curtis delve into a gripping narrative that unfolds in Port Talbot, focusing on the lives of the Driscoll family. Set against the backdrop of a broken home and a small industrial town, the first episode of this three-part series introduces viewers to Geoff Driscoll, a steelworker who finds himself confronted by someone from his past. Meanwhile, his daughter Thea is pushed to her limits as she navigates the challenges faced by her brother Owen.

As tension escalates within the community, an alarming event sparks panic and prompts a heated meeting that results in a strike. Fearing that unrest may spread beyond Port Talbot’s borders, authorities enforce a lockdown, provoking further anger among residents and leading to a protest march culminating in a violent clash on Station Road.

“The Way” offers an ambitious portrayal of civil uprising through the lens of one family’s experiences. With their hometown no longer offering safety or stability, the Driscolls are compelled to leave behind everything they once knew. Will they succumb to their haunting memories or find solace in forging ahead toward an uncertain future? Through its powerful storytelling and thought-provoking themes, “The Way” provides insight into today’s chaotic world as it follows this ordinary family navigating extraordinary circumstances.

Steffan Rhodri, Mali Harries, Sophie Melville, Aneurin Barnard, Tom Cullen and Mark Lewis Jones star.


Written by James Graham and directed by Michael Sheen in his television directorial debut, “The Way” promises an enthralling experience for audiences. This ambitious series has been created by Sheen, Graham, and Curtis while being developed and executive produced by Bethan Jones. Each episode will be available for streaming on BBC iPlayer starting at 6am on Monday 19 February before airing weekly on BBC One at 9pm.

Produced by Red Seam in association with Little Door Productions and spanning three hour-long episodes (3×60’).

Make sure to mark your calendars for Monday 19 February 2024 when “The Way” premieres on BBC iPlayer, followed by its weekly airing on BBC One at 9pm.


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