Michelle De Swarte Comedy Drama “Spent” First Look

Mia (Michelle De Swarte) stands in front of two walls covered in colourful graffiti.
Mia (Michelle De Swarte) (Image: BBC / Various Artists Ltd.)

The BBC has released first look images of the upcoming six part comedy-drama series Spent, created by and starring Michelle De Swarte, set to air on BBC Two and iPlayer this summer. The series offers a unique blend of humour and poignant storytelling, inspired by De Swarte’s own experiences in the modeling industry.

Marc (Jamal Maddox) stands beside Mia (Michelle De Swarte) in front of a wall covered in a colourful mural.
Marc (Jamal Maddox) and Mia (Michelle De Swarte)

In Spent, De Swarte portrays Mia, a former catwalk model whose life takes an unexpected turn. Mia finds herself broke, homeless, and on the run from her past. Despite her humble beginnings, Mia has become accustomed to the finer things in life, but now she must confront the reality of her situation. She navigates her new circumstances with a mix of high-end taste and financial constraints, all while denying the truth even to herself.

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Mia (Michelle De Swarte), sits at a table in a restaurant with her back to the camera, opposite Mills (Matt King).
Mia (Michelle De Swarte) and Mills (Matt King)

The series also stars Juliette Cowan, Amanda Wilkin, Matt King, Jamali Maddix, Karl Collins, Eleanor Nawal, and Rachel Ofori.

Spent is produced by the renowned production company Various Artists Ltd., known for their award-winning shows such as Juice and I May Destroy You. The series is executive produced by Jack Bayles and Phil Clarke.

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