Murder in the Heartland, April 10, 2024, ID, “Spring Breaking Up”

Murder in the Heartland

In this episode of Murder in the Heartland, viewers will be taken to the town of Bordersville, where police uncover jealous boyfriends and make a haunting discovery. The episode, “Spring Breaking Up,” airs on April 10, 2024, on Investigation Discovery, as part of the show’s sixth season.

The episode begins with a chilling investigation in Bordersville, where jealous boyfriends come into the picture, and authorities make a discovery that will forever haunt the small town. The case unfolds in the aftermath of spring break, with the investigation revealing dark secrets and shocking twists.

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Murder in the Heartland is a true-crime series that delves into murder mysteries that have forever changed the lives of those in Middle America. Each episode focuses on a different town, exploring the impact of the crime on the community and how it challenges their understanding of their home.

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The series, narrated by Justin Hankinson, showcases the townspeople as they become the storytellers, holding the clues to the puzzle of each murder. The show includes interviews with those closest to the victims, painting a comprehensive picture of the lives affected by these tragic events.

Murder in the Heartland airs Wednesday, April 10, 2024, at 9:00 PM on Investigation Discovery.

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