Murder Uncut: Episode 10 (Sky Crime, May 22, 2024)

Sky Crime

A brand new episode of Murder Uncut is set to air on Sky Crime on Wednesday, May 22, 2024. The episode examines a shocking murder that turned a small community in Titusville, Florida, upside down.

In the quiet town of Titusville, a Labor Day weekend barbecue took a deadly turn. Two neighbours were shot dead in their driveway, while another miraculously survived the attack, which was caught on videotape. What makes this case even more disturbing is the identity of the shooter, who turned out to be their next-door neighbour and former close friend, William Woodward.

Woodward, a retired veteran, had allegedly dressed in combat gear and crawled across the lawn to carry out the shooting. He was found kneeling in the street, waiting to be apprehended. The episode will feature security camera footage recovered by detectives, providing a shocking glimpse into the events that unfolded. According to Woodward’s statement to detectives, he believed he had “ended the war” with his neighbours.

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In the weeks leading up to the murders, there had been a history of verbal harassment and threats exchanged between Woodward and his neighbours, all of which were caught on surveillance and security cameras. These recordings became crucial evidence at Woodward’s trial. Despite attempts to obtain restraining orders, the neighbours’ efforts were denied.

This episode of Murder Uncut looks into the investigation and trial, highlighting how detectives and prosecutors built their case against Woodward. It will also explore the defences strategy, as they attempted to argue that Woodward’s actions were justified as self-defence. However, a jury ultimately found Woodward guilty of murder and attempted murder.

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Murder Uncut is a documentary series that takes viewers behind the scenes of compelling homicide investigations. Each episode focuses on a single murder investigation, utilising never-before-seen footage to provide a comprehensive account of the case.

Murder Uncut: Episode 10, airs on Sky Crime on Wednesday, May 22, 2024, at 9:00 p.m.

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