Murdoch Mysteries, April 20, 2024, Ovation, “Murdoch and the Treasure of Lima”

Murdoch Mysteries

Ovation presents an episode of Murdoch Mysteries, “Murdoch and the Treasure of Lima,” taking viewers back to the early 20th century as Detective William Murdoch and his team tackle a mystery involving stolen Incan gold, a murder, and the abduction of Detective Llewellyn Watts during a treasure hunt.

The episode, airing on Saturday April 20, is the fifteenth installment of the seventeenth season of Murdoch Mysteries. It features guest appearances by author Margaret Atwood as Loren Quinnell and Meegwun Fairbrother as Leopold Hudson, a treasure hunter who joins Murdoch and Watts in their pursuit of the killer and the lost treasure.

Somewhat of a surprise to see the famous author popping up in a guest role here. In a post on her Substack, Atwood shared her excitement about the opportunity, noting that she will be a “key element” in the plot. She also expressed her hope for an impressive hat to be part of her costume.

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Atwood’s involvement in the series was confirmed in February 2024, and she has been a fan of the show since its early seasons. She also made a guest appearance in another Canadian period drama, Alias Grace, where she played “unpleasant woman.”

In this episode, Murdoch and Watts venture north on a treasure hunt to recover stolen Incan gold and investigate a murder. However, their quest takes an unexpected turn when Watts is abducted, adding a layer of urgency to their mission. As they navigate the rugged terrain, they encounter Leopold Hudson, a treasure hunter who joins their quest.

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Murdoch Mysteries: Murdoch and the Treasure of Lima airs Saturday April 20, 2024 at 7.00pm on Ovation.

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