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My 600-Lb. Life, April 10, 2024, TLC, “Shakyia’s Journey”



My 600-Lb. Life

In the latest episode of My 600-Lb. Life, viewers will follow Shakyia’s harrowing weight loss journey as she battles severe obesity and the challenges of being a shut-in. The episode, titled “Shakyia’s Journey,” airs on April 10, 2024, on TLC, as part of the show’s twelfth season.

Shakyia, who has always struggled with her weight, finds herself at a crossroads. Her severe obesity has worsened, and she has become a shut-in, no longer leaving the house and making no effort to change her situation. Concerned for her well-being, Shakyia’s older sister takes matters into her own hands and encourages her to seek help from Dr. Now, a renowned weight loss specialist.

However, Shakyia’s journey is fraught with obstacles. Despite her sister’s best efforts, Shakyia faces resistance from her mother, who withdraws her support, leaving Shakyia without the crucial backing of her family. This development sets the stage for a turbulent odyssey as Shakyia grapples with her weight issues and the emotional struggle of battling severe obesity without a solid support system.

Shakyia’s story offers a raw and honest portrayal of the difficulties faced by those struggling with their weight, as well as the impact of familial dynamics on their journey.


My 600-Lb. Life has been a long-running and popular series on TLC, chronicling the weight loss journeys of individuals struggling with severe obesity. The show has followed participants as they undergo lifestyle changes, adopt healthier habits, and work toward their weight loss goals with the guidance of medical professionals.

My 600-Lb. Life airs Wednesday, April 10, 2024, at 8:00 PM on TLC.

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