My Life is Murder: To Dye For / Tough Love (Acorn TV, Monday, June 17, 2024)

My Life Is Murder

The fourth season of My Life is Murder, an Acorn TV Original, premieres with two back-to-back episodes on Monday, June 17th, introducing viewers to new mysteries and Alexa, played by Lucy Lawless (known for Xena: Warrior Princess and Spartacus: Blood and Sand).

In the season’s first episode, titled “To Dye For,” Alexa finds herself in a world of high society and gossip as she investigates the suspicious death of a wealthy socialite who has left her entire fortune to her cat. The investigation leads her to encounter hostile hair stylists and uncover the truth behind the socialite’s demise. The episode features a guest appearance by Erik Thomson of 800 Words and Packed to the Rafters fame.

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Immediately following is the second episode, “Tough Love,” where Alexa looks into the death of a tough tennis coach. However, she’s not alone in her quest for answers. A glamorous private investigator is also on the case, determined to solve the mystery before Alexa.

My Life is Murder: To Dye For / Tough Love airs Monday, June 17, 2024, from 3:00-4:00 AM EST on Acorn TV.

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