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NCIS, April 15, 2024, CBS, “A Thousand Yards”




NCIS marks a significant milestone with the episode “A Thousand Yards,” celebrating the 1,000th installment across the entire franchise. This episode promises high-stakes drama and the return of familiar faces.

In “A Thousand Yards,” airing on Monday April 15 on CBS, NCIS comes under attack by a mysterious enemy from the past, creating a sense of urgency and danger. Meanwhile, Vance attempts to mend his strained relationship with his estranged son, Jared, by explaining why he remains dedicated to his perilous job at NCIS despite the risks.

The episode also features special appearances by Daniela Ruah, reprising her role as Kensi Blye from NCIS: Los Angeles, and Vanessa Lachey, portraying Jane Tennant from NCIS: Hawai’i.

“A Thousand Yards” is directed by Diana Valentine and written by Christopher J. Waild. The episode also includes nods to the show’s history and teases intriguing possibilities for the future of the franchise.


As the 1,000th episode, “A Thousand Yards” serves as a tribute to the enduring success of the NCIS franchise, which includes spin-offs such as NCIS: Los Angeles, NCIS: New Orleans, and NCIS: Hawai’i.

Don’t miss this pivotal moment in the NCIS saga, as the team faces a mysterious enemy and Vance navigates his complex personal life. Tune in to CBS at 9:00 pm on Monday, April 15, 2024, to join the celebration and witness the unfolding of this landmark episode.

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