Neighbours (Amazon Freevee, Monday June 17, 2024)

Neighbours Title Card

On the Monday June 17 episode of Neighbours, Sam, noticing the growing connection between Jane and Vic, plans a surprise for Jane: a wedding dress appointment. Jane, committed to her engagement with Mike, goes along with Sam’s plan to ease her fears. She tries on dresses and finds the perfect one, but a private tear hints at her doubts.

Meanwhile, Vic and Nicole’s plans for their joint business venture exclude Jane, adding to her concerns.

JJ seeks advice from Haz on navigating his love triangle with Nell and Dex. Haz suggests telling Dex the truth, but JJ struggles to do so. Instead, he helps Dex pursue Nell, giving him a manga drawing book as a gift. JJ watches Dex and Nell’s connection grow, determined to put Dex’s happiness first.

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Karl confronts his misdiagnosis of Harold, who explains his decision to seek alternative healthcare arrangements. They mend their friendship, with Karl assuring his support. Susan finds herself in trouble when she confronts a group of teenagers stealing instruments from Eirini Rising. She falls and injures her wrist, calling for help.

This episode of Neighbours airs at 7:00pm on Monday, June 17, 2024, on Amazon Freevee.

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