Neighbours (Amazon Freevee, Thursday June 20, 2024)

Neighbours Title Card

On the Thursday June 20 episode of Neighbours, Holly faces the consequences of her actions as she apologizes to Liv, who remains unforgiving and determined to see Holly charged. However, Holly escapes punishment once again when Krista intervenes, using her Sinclair name to threaten Liv with a defamation case.

As a result, Liv changes her statement, and Holly is let off the hook. Andrew is puzzled by Liv’s sudden change of heart, but Holly remains undeterred and immerses herself in another episode of Crimesborough.

Meanwhile, Aaron has second thoughts about buying back the Number Thirty-Two house, recognizing that it would be a step backward in his grief journey. He backs out of the deal, allowing Leo to accept a higher offer.

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The current tenants of the share house are relieved to learn that the new buyer is willing to keep them on. However, their celebration is short-lived when they discover the identity of their new landlord.

Leo finds himself in a financial bind, and despite Terese’s suggestion of a total rebranding for his vineyard, he refuses, adamant about preserving the legacy he created for his daughter, Abigail. Leo’s day takes a turn for the worse when his most important retail partner returns a large delivery of Yorokobi, leading to a moment of anguish and frustration.

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Neighbours airs at 7:00am on Thursday, June 20, 2024, on Amazon Freevee.

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