Neighbours: Landlord Drama at Number 32 (Amazon Freevee Monday 24 June 2024)

Neighbours Title Card

On the Monday June 24 episode, the residents of Number 32 on Neighbours are in for a shock as they discover the identity of their new landlord, and it’s safe to say that this relationship is getting off on the wrong foot. The sharehouse tenants, including Mackenzie Hargreaves and Haz Devkar, are less than pleased with their new landlord’s introduction and their laid-back attitude towards the share house rules.

The new owner of the property, wasting no time in making their presence felt, informs the tenants that they intend to make full use of the backyard pool whenever they please. This does not sit well with the residents, and legal eagle Mackenzie (played by Georgie Stone) is quick to assert her knowledge of landlord-tenant laws, stating that the landlord has no such entitlement to the pool.

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However, it seems that this is just the beginning of the tensions, as it looks like the landlord has a few more surprises in store for the residents. Will the tenants of Number 32 be able to fight back and stand their ground?

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