Network 10’s Strategic Rebranding with 10 Peach Comedy & 10 Bold Drama

10 Peach Comedy 10 Bold Drama

In a strategic move, Network 10 has unveiled a rebranding initiative for two of its multichannels: 10 Peach, which has transformed into 10 Peach Comedy, and 10 Bold, now known as 10 Bold Drama. This evolution took effect on June 12, 2024, aiming to more accurately reflect the channels’ diverse programming and provide clarity regarding their content scope.

This rebranding comes as the network continues to undergo significant transformations since its acquisition by US media powerhouse CBS in 2017, following a period of voluntary administration.

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The new channel names and logos were designed to embody the “feeling” and “attitude” associated with their programming and target demographics.

While the new channel names and logos have sparked varied reactions, with some viewers praising their creativity and playful tone, others have offered criticism, citing concerns about blandness, confusion, or even gendered connotations. Some viewers have also questioned the prioritization of rebranding over program enhancements and rerun reduction.

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