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New BBC documentary shows the daredevil grit of one of Britain’s top high-wire walkers



This gripping film reveals why he is prepared to risk his life to perform, and just what it takes to walk the wire with no safety net.

After running away and joining the circus as a teenager, Chris turned his love of street performance into a hugely successful career, resulting in a high demand for him, right across the world. Since the summer of 2019 BBC cameras have followed Chris as he faces what could be his greatest ever challenge.

The documentary takes viewers up on the wire as he stages an astounding 230-metre-length tightrope walk, 20 metres high over Norwich city centre. But as the pandemic hits, his future as a high-wire performer hangs in the balance, as all his acts are cancelled. With a daughter to raise, bills to pay and his wire walking career at stake, Chris is determined to keep pushing the limits and find new ways to perform, as cameras follow his journey right through to 2021.

With his life and livelihood literally up in the air, walking the tight rope high above towns and cities with no safety net or harness makes him feel alive, but with no crowds allowed to see him – could this be a challenge too far?

Chris says: “It’s so real and you’re so alive when you’re up there. I spend all of my time training not to die. I like to keep death in my mind. The more that you are aware that you’re going die, the better you live.”

This documentary reveals what it takes to be a high-wire walker, risking life and limb for the ultimate performance art.

Life On The High Wire – Our Lives is directed by Dave Lowder and produced by Eye Film & TV Productions for BBC One. It airs on Wednesday 11 August at 7.30pm.