New Episode of “IMPACT x Nightline” Explores Effects of U.S. State Abortion Bans

ABC News Studios’ “IMPACT x Nightline” presents a new special report, “On the Brink,” uncovering the harrowing stories of pregnant women in states with abortion restrictions. Available on Hulu on Thursday, December 14.

ABC News Studios’ “IMPACT x Nightline: On the Brink” Special Report

ABC News Studios announced today a new special report called “On the Brink” from its program “IMPACT x Nightline.” The report is led by ABC News anchor Diane Sawyer and senior congressional correspondent Rachel Scott and will be available to stream on Thursday, December 14, only on Hulu.

The report will focus on the stories of pregnant women who have faced medical emergencies in states with laws restricting abortions, as well as the challenges faced by physicians trying to provide essential healthcare in these circumstances. The special is part of a larger series addressing the impact of state-level decisions on abortion access following the Supreme Court’s reversal of Roe v. Wade.

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The hosts interviewed 18 women from 10 states, all of whom were dealing with heartbreaking medical complications. Some of the women experienced dangerous complications that necessitated urgent termination to save their lives, while others faced severe health consequences due to the restrictions on abortion access in their states.

In addition to the personal stories told by these women, the series also features interviews with nearly 100 physicians, many of whom described the challenges and confusion about what medical care they are allowed to provide under these state laws.

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The special report “On the Brink” aims to bring attention to the hidden healthcare crisis playing out in clinics and exam rooms across the country. The report offers a deep dive into the consequences of restrictive abortion laws and the impact on women and healthcare providers. The report will be available for streaming on Hulu and is produced by ABC News Studios.

IMPACT x Nightline” is produced for Hulu by ABC News Studios. Eman Varoqua is executive producer, and Candace Smith Chekwa is senior broadcast producer.

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