New HGTV Series “Fix My Frankenhouse” to Renovate Odd Properties



Fix My Frankenhouse

If you’re tired of homes with odd additions and clashing redesigns, the new HGTV series “Fix My Frankenhouse” is here to help. Premiering Sunday, April 23rd at 9 PM ETPT and available for streaming on discovery+, this six-episode season features the dynamic duo of Mike and Denese Butler, a husband-and-wife team of home renovation experts based in Boston. Their goal? To transform “Frankenstein” houses into functional and stylish homes that work for today’s families.

Mike and Denese Butler will bring their skills to bear on houses with wonky layouts, labyrinthine hallways, and misplaced staircases in order to create a more functional flow. Meanwhile, Denese will help capture their clients’ style with custom finishes that blend older elements with modern design. The end result is a stunning, cohesive space that’s perfect for homeowners.

Mike explained, “Over time, different owners can make changes to a home and eventually turn it into a ‘frankenhouse.’ Solving problems for families living in these types of homes is my favorite part of the job. To fix the houses, I shake up the floor plans and build new layouts that actually function.”

Denese added, “Once we have the updated layout in place, I restore flow to the home with cohesive modern design. Sometimes our clients don’t know what they want, but it’s my job to help them navigate through the design process. Mike and I create a new identity for their house and show them that the home of their dreams was there all along.”

The show’s first episode will feature a family property from the early 1900s that is full of historic features but also has tight and dysfunctional spaces. Mike and Denese will tear down walls, create an open kitchen and dining area, and build a large mudroom and spa-like bathrooms that exude modern farmhouse style in order to restore order to the home. As the season continues, Mike and Denese will overcome choppy rooms and wasted square footage for more clients and work with their dads, master carpenters John Butler and Peter Doyle, to deliver one-of-a-kind projects to each family, including an island with a built-in bench seat and a repurposed antique chest.

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