New Season of Discovery’s “Deadliest Catch” Brings Challenges, Opportunities and High Stakes

Deadliest Catch

With Alaskan Crab prices at an all-time high and more than a million pounds of Eastern Bairdi crab up for grabs, Bering Sea captains and a new wave of fishermen are eager to claim their share of the lucrative payday. However, illegal fishing by foreign vessels and rival domestic industries, fueled by record seafood prices and tensions with Russia and China, pose a threat to the fishermen. The captains, young and old alike, must unite and overcome their differences to protect America’s most valuable resource and defend their fishing grounds.

The new season of “Deadliest Catch” premieres on Tuesday, April 18, at 8 PM ETPT on the Discovery Channel and can be streamed on discovery+ the same day. With twice the amount of crab to catch in the Bairdi fishery, a new generation of fishers joins the ranks, eager to make their mark in the Bering Sea. However, the veterans cannot rely on past experience alone, and the younger captains need the knowledge of their predecessors to succeed.

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As his daughter and co-captain, Mandy Hansen, assumes a more prominent role on the FV Northwestern and in the family business, Captain Sig Hansen must plan ahead to ensure the continuation of the Hansen name and legacy.

New captain in training, 23-year-old Sophia “Bob” Nielsen, has joined the FV Saga under the command of Jake Anderson. The third-generation fisher is determined to build her experience after the deaths of her parents so that she can carry on the Nielsen name and lead the Nielsen’s 74-foot wooden hull vessel, the FV Victory.

Linda Greenlaw, the only female swordfishing skipper and a survivor of The Perfect Storm, heads west to join skipper “Wild” Bill Wichrowski aboard the FV Summer Bay. Greenlaw has over forty years of expertise at sea.

Andy Hillstrand, along with his two brothers, Johnathan and Neal, returns to the Golden King Crab Fishery for the first time since 2016.

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Jack Bunnell, a rookie captain at the age of 28, takes over the FV Barbara J by using his family quota to gain access to the captain’s seat, only to find himself locked in a power struggle with the ship’s long-tenured captain, Steve “Harley” Davidson.

Deckhand Jacob Hutchins, who wants to make history as one of the first African American crabbing captains in the Bering Sea, has joined Captain Keith Colburn on the FV Wizard.

Rick Shelford, a fourth-generation fisherman, and Captain Sean Dwyer of the FV Aleutian Lady set out to forge their own fishing dynasties and leave their mark on the world.

“Deadliest Catch” is produced by Original Productions, a Fremantle company for Discovery.

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