Next “Love & Marriage” Series for OWN Heads to Detroit



Today, it was revealed that Detroit would be the next city to join the Love and Marriage family. OWN has acquired the series from Carlos King, CEO of Kingdom Reign Entertainment and a native of Detroit. This season will feature an all-new cast of compelling Black characters, this time hailing from Detroit, the “Comeback City” and former “Motor City.”

Following the premiere of a new episode of “Love & Marriage: Huntsville” at 8PM ET/PT on OWN, “Love & Marriage: Detroit” will make its debut on June 24 at 9PM ET/PT, making it the third city to join the Love & Marriage series franchise after Huntsville and Washington, D.C.

What can we expect from the series

The city of Detroit, and its inhabitants, are on the upswing. Black culture thrives in this metropolis. Family, friendship, success in business, and, of course, love and marriage, are all highly valued in this reviving metropolis. Despite the city’s decline, the families featured in “Love & Marriage: Detroit” all have strong ties to the Motor City and are determined to show that they can make a good life for their children there.

The show will feature the pairings of Russell and Kolby Harris, Brandon and Kristina Bowman Smith, and Anthony and Dr. LaToya Thompson. Issues of faith, resentment, and broken lines of communication are confronted head-on in the first season as secrets and past deeds haunt the couples and relationship cracks are exposed.

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Who are the couples who will feature on the series

The Harrises

Young parents Russell and Kolby Harris have been married for three years and have a daughter who is two. Kolby thinks she should have a bigger say in major family decisions like Russell’s decision to enroll in divinity school, but he sees himself as the head of the household and makes the decision without consulting her. She grew up as the daughter of a pastor and isn’t sure she wants to go back there now that she’s an adult.

Russell is also the director of Soar Detroit, a charity that promotes education and athletics in the city of Detroit. Kolby’s rapid ascent as a social media influencer has driven a wedge between him and the group’s more seasoned members. As social media influencers, Kristina and Kolby are like sisters. However, things go south between the pals when Kristina is reluctant to work with them and an opportunity to do so presents itself. The result is an argument between the two, which eventually spreads to their mutually supportive husbands.

The Smiths

They’ve been married for 11 years, and Brandon and Kristina Bowman-Smith already have two little girls. They have a penthouse with a view of Detroit. Kristina is a well-known fashion designer, stylist, and influencer in Detroit, and Brandon runs a successful artist development program in the city called Star Factory, where he mentors young people who want to pursue careers as singers and musicians.

Brandon’s ambition to become the Barry Gordy of 2023 with his showcase showcasing Detroit’s musical talent is causing tension in the couple’s marriage. However, Kristina is deeply committed to her faith and isn’t always happy when Brandon has to go out to the clubs for his talent development business. Another secret Brandon is keeping from Kristina is that he is collaborating with some up-and-coming female artists in Detroit. The sky literally falls.

The Thompsons

The 14-year marriage of Anthony and Dr. LaToya Thompson has produced two wonderful sons. Anthony owns a recording studio and currently works for the touring company Live Nation. Anthony will never let on that LaToya is the breadwinner in the house; she is the owner of Opulence Wines and a successful sports physical therapist. In fact, when Anthony was offered a production job in Atlanta, he took it despite LaToya’s wishes and temporarily relocated there before moving back to Detroit.

Anthony also established a group for men to help them talk about the issues they face in relationships and in life in general. He goes as far as organizing a “Man’s Movement March” in the Motor City and inviting Michigan native and “Love & Marriage: Huntsville” star Marsau Scott to speak at the event.

While her husband claims credit for the success of the business, LaToya is having a hard time holding her own as a Black wine owner in a predominantly white industry.

Who is making the series

“Love & Marriage: Detroit” was created by renowned reality TV producer, Carlos King, and is produced by Kingdom Reign Entertainment with executive producers King, Angela Dugan, Brent Nisbett and Tarin Laughlin.

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