Nick Knowles in South America: Series Premiere (Channel 5, 5 June 2024)

Channel 5

Nick Knowles embarks on a daring adventure in South America, and in the first episode, airing on Channel 5 on Wednesday 5 June, he takes on the mighty Andes Mountains, encounters diverse wildlife, and explores the region’s rich history.

The journey begins with Nick clinging to a rock face 100 feet in the air, providing a thrilling start to his exploration of the Andes. He then crosses the Strait of Magellan to Magdalena Island, home to thousands of breeding pairs of Magellan penguins. Nick also visits replicas of ships used by famed explorers Ferdinand Magellan and Charles Darwin, who both ventured to this region, changing the course of history with their discoveries.

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During this episode, Nick interacts with the Kaweskas, an indigenous people known for their deep connection to the ocean. He learns about their unique seafaring lifestyle and weaving traditions. Chile’s windy landscape also leads Nick to a factory producing near carbon-neutral fuel from wind energy, showcasing the country’s innovative approach to sustainability.

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Additionally, Nick meets Dimitri Poffé, a courageous French cyclist who undertook an 11,000-mile journey to raise awareness for Huntington’s disease. The episode concludes with Nick visiting an eco-hotel powered by renewable energy and exploring Grey Glacier, where he kayaks on Grey Lake for a closer look at the awe-inspiring ice formation.

Nick Knowles in South America: Series Premiere airs Wednesday, 5 June 2024, at 7:00 pm on Channel 5.

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