Olivia Attwood: The Price of Perfection Returns to ITV

ITV has renewed Olivia Attwood: The Price of Perfection for a second series. The reality star, presenter and model will continue to investigate the high-risk nature of cosmetic surgery and the extreme lengths people go to in pursuit of the perfect face and body.

Attwood, who has openly discussed her own experiences with cosmetic procedures, including two breast augmentations, lip filler, and Botox, is a self-described surgery enthusiast. In the first season of her show, she looked into Generation Z’s fascination with cosmetic surgery, exploring trends such as bottom enhancements and penis treatments.

The show also delves into the dangers and unregulated nature of the aesthetics industry in the UK. Attwood has said: “I’ve learned just how dangerous and unregulated the aesthetics industry is in this country… Basically, anyone can inject filler or Botox into someone without a medical licence and there are a lot of horror stories.”

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The second series promises to continue this exploration, meeting individuals who go to great lengths and spend exorbitant sums to achieve their dream appearance. It will also examine the evolving landscape of beauty trends and introduce viewers to groundbreaking new procedures.

The first series of The Price of Perfection sparked conversations about the pressures of beauty standards and the influence of social media. Attwood has said: “There is a massive pressure on women to look perfect, although that is an impossible task, because I think the goalposts to what is perfect are always moving.”

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Attwood has also emphasised the importance of education, saying: “It’s about teaching young people that what they see on the internet isn’t reality… It’s about teaching young people to understand that what they’re seeing is not always real and how to navigate what they are consuming in a healthy way.”

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