On Assignment: Paris Olympics, Portugal Wildfires (ITV1, Tuesday 25 June 2024)


On Assignment returns with another insightful episode, airing on ITV1 on Tuesday, 25 June 2024. In this instalment, Lucy Watson reports on environmental initiatives ahead of the Paris Olympic Games, specifically focusing on efforts to make the River Seine safer for swimmers. Rachel Younger examines Portugal’s innovative approach to combating wildfires, and Ronke Phillips Pakenham explores the traditional West African Adire fabric and the challenges it faces from cheap imports.

This episode takes viewers on a global journey, starting with Lucy Watson’s report on the environmental efforts in Paris. With the city preparing to host the Olympic Games, there is a heightened focus on making the River Seine cleaner and safer for swimmers. Watson investigates the measures being taken to improve water quality and ensure the safety of athletes and visitors alike.

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Rachel Younger then turns our attention to Portugal, where community-driven solutions are making a significant impact in the fight against wildfires. With the EU task force stepping in to provide additional support, Portugal is leading the way in wildfire management and prevention. Younger looks at the innovative strategies and the power of community collaboration in protecting the country’s precious natural resources.

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Meanwhile, Ronke Phillips Pakenham travels to Nigeria to explore the traditional Adire fabric, a unique form of dyed cloth with a rich history. However, this cherished tradition now faces a new threat from cheap imports. Pakenham investigates the efforts to preserve and celebrate Adire, highlighting the cultural significance of this ancient craft and its importance to the region.

On Assignment: Season 11 Episode 6 airs Tuesday, 25 June 2024, at 23:30 on ITV1.

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