OutDaughtered, May 7, 2024, TLC, “This Could Change Everything”


The Busby family returns to TLC with the season 10 premiere of “OutDaughtered,” titled “This Could Change Everything.” With just two weeks until school starts, Danielle feels overwhelmed as she juggles the family’s extensive list of responsibilities, and her frustration mounts as she struggles to get Adam’s help in managing their hectic schedule. Adding to their concerns, one of their quintuplets encounters difficulties with reading, and Adam receives a job offer that could significantly impact their household dynamics.

The Busbys, consisting of Adam and Danielle, their eldest daughter Blayke, and their quintuplets—Ava, Olivia, Hazel, Riley, and Parker—have captured the hearts of viewers since the show’s debut in 2016. The couple’s journey began when they became parents to the only all-female quintuplets in the United States, navigating the challenges of raising six children while also dealing with Danielle’s health issues and Hazel’s eye condition.

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In the season 10 premiere, the Busbys face new challenges as they adjust to the upcoming school year and their work responsibilities. The trailer reveals Danielle’s struggle with managing the kids and her desire for additional help, while Adam’s increasing photography gigs outside the home add to the pressure. The couple’s different approaches to handling their busy lives may lead to further tension and difficult decisions.

The episode also shines a light on the quints’ educational journey, with one of them facing reading difficulties. This challenge prompts the Busbys to implement a reading and chore curriculum to ensure their daughters are thriving academically. Meanwhile, Blayke, who previously struggled with the transition to middle school, now faces the challenge of trying out for the volleyball team.

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As the Busbys navigate their busy lives, Adam’s potential new job opportunity could bring about significant changes for the family. The job offer comes after Adam’s previous struggles with postpartum depression and emotional issues, which have been openly discussed on the show.

With their lives at a crossroads, the Busbys must make important decisions that will impact their family dynamics and future. Will they be able to balance their careers, family life, and the educational needs of their children? Will they find the support they need to navigate these challenges?

OutDaughtered: This Could Change Everything airs on TLC at 9.00 pm on Tuesday, May 7, 2024.

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