Paramount+ Unveils New Episodes of the Iconic “Behind the Music”

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Classic music docuseries Behind the Music is making a return with new episodes on Paramount+. Starting May 1, the series will profile Bell Biv DeVoe, Trace Adkins, and Wolfgang Van Halen, along with remastered episodes featuring renowned artists.

The latest installment of Behind the Music promises to deliver the deep dives and intimate testimonies that made the show iconic during its original run on VH1. In this new season, viewers can expect to explore the creation of Bell Biv DeVoe’s iconic party anthems alongside the group’s struggles with infighting, financial issues, addiction, and mental health challenges.

Trace Adkins will share his experience of surviving a near-fatal shooting in 1994, just before the release of his debut album. Meanwhile, Wolfgang Van Halen, son of the legendary guitarist Eddie Van Halen, will open up about developing his own sound while honoring his father’s legacy.

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In addition to these new episodes, Paramount+ will also release remastered versions of fan favorites. The lineup includes episodes on 50 Cent, Bobby Brown, Ice-T, Milli Vanilli, The Notorious B.I.G., and Sinead O’Connor. These remastered episodes will be updated with a creative refresh and a reimagined visual style, featuring new artist interviews.

First debuting on VH1 in 1997, Behind the Music became renowned for its candid interviews and behind-the-scenes insights into the lives of musicians. The series has featured a diverse range of artists, from metal bands like Motley Crue and Poison to pop icons like Jennifer Lopez and Ricky Martin.

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With this new season, Paramount+ continues to revive classic shows, offering fans a chance to revisit beloved episodes and discover new stories from the world of music.

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