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Parental Guidance Premieres Soon on Channel 9



Parenting. Everyone’s got an opinion. But which way is the right way?

Ally Langdon and Australian parenting expert Dr. Justin Coulson team up with ten brave sets of parents with very different parenting styles, putting their methods to the ultimate test to determine who has Australia’s best parenting style in Channel 9’s raw and confronting new series, Parental Guidance.

Opinionated parents with diverse parenting techniques will take turns judging each other’s style through a series of the toughest challenges ever attempted, designed to put their style to the ultimate test which typically results in chaos, tears, and very funny fails.

From helicopter parents to tiger parents, free-range and routine parents to extreme authoritarians, they will all show how they raise their families while trying to influence everyone else that their parenting style is best.

Parental Guidance takes us behind the closed family doors of parenthood, and how we ourselves were parented, to find out how to do it right, right now. When it comes to modern-day parenting, is anyone really nailing it?

Parental Guidance Premieres Soon on Channel 9.