Password, May 7, 2024, NBC, “Lauren Graham & Jimmy Fallon”


Tonight’s episode of Password sees host Keke Palmer welcome Jimmy Fallon and celebrity guest Lauren Graham as they pair up with contestants and face off over two games. Players from each team will guess secret passwords using only one-word clues for a chance to win up to $25,000.

Password is a revival of the classic game show that first aired in 1961. The reboot, which premiered in 2022, is a fun and exciting twist with new rules and challenges added to the original format.

The current season, executive produced by Fallon and hosted by Keke Palmer, features celebrities paired with contestants as they try to guess mystery words. The show airs on NBC and streams on Peacock.

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In each game, two teams, each composed of a celebrity player and a contestant, attempt to convey mystery words to each other using only single-word clues. The teams compete for cash prizes, with the option to Shoot the Moon and earn extra points by trusting their partners to guess the password with just one clue.

The season has introduced new elements to the gameplay, including a special theme for passwords in the second round and tiebreakers where Palmer performs the clues in her own voice.

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Password: Lauren Graham & Jimmy Fallon airs tonight at 10:00 PM on NBC.

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