Patti Stanger: The Matchmaker: It’s Time for Me (The CW, June 13, 2024)

Patti Stanger The Matchmaker

The CW’s reality show Patti Stanger: The Matchmaker, airs a new episode on Thursday, June 13, 2024. In this episode, titled “It’s Time for Me,” Patti Stanger helps two individuals navigate the complex world of dating.

Retired NFL tight end Roland Williams seeks Patti’s expertise in finding love. As a former professional athlete, Roland may possess the confidence and charisma to charm potential partners, but even the most successful individuals can encounter challenges in their pursuit of love. Patti draws on her extensive experience to guide Roland through the dating landscape, offering insights and strategies tailored to his unique circumstances.

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In addition, a former hippie joins Patti on a journey of self-discovery and romantic exploration. Often, individuals carry emotional baggage or past experiences that hinder their ability to embrace love fully. Patti assists her client in recognizing her self-worth and embracing a more fulfilling and loving future.

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With her no-nonsense approach and deep understanding of human connections, Patti empowers her clients to take control of their love lives and make lasting changes.

Patti Stanger: The Matchmaker: It’s Time for Me airs on Thursday, June 13, 2024, at 8:00 PM on The CW.

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