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Peacock Announces Standup Special “Alyssa Limperis: No Bad Days” One-Hour Comedy Event Premieres Friday, August 12



Alyssa Limperis: No Bad Days takes audiences through the stinging journey of loss while reminding you how wonderful each day can be. The hour-long comedy special offers an honest portrayal of grief and pain told through a lens of hope and laughter.

Limperis, a Los Angeles based comedian, offers a hilarious and moving combination of stand-up and theatrical performance as she turns loss into laughter, taking audiences through the relatable experience of losing a parent. The special serves as a reminder to viewers that no matter how dark or heavy things feel, if you can find the beauty around you, there’s no such thing as a bad day.

Quote from comedian and executive producer, Alyssa Limperis – “This special is deeply personal to me. I wrote this piece in the throes of grief after losing my dad to brain cancer in 2015.” states Limperis. “This project was a cathartic way to help me process the changes in my life and start my journey on the road to healing, through laughter.”


Cast: Alyssa Limperis

Executive Producers: Alyssa Limperis, Michelle Caputo, Shannon Hartman, Jennie Church-Cooper

Produced By: Art & Industry