Peacock Releases Trailer for Roman Epic “Those About to Die”

Those About To Die

Peacock has released the official trailer for its original series, “Those About to Die,” an epic sword-and-sandal drama transporting viewers back to the world of Ancient Rome. All 10 episodes of the forthcoming series, developed by Robert Rodat and directed by Roland Emmerich and Marco Kreuzpaintner, will debut on the streaming platform on July 18, 2024.

“Those About to Die” provides an insightful and unique view of the ancient Roman world, focusing on the spectacle and corruption of gladiatorial games. The story is brought to life by a quality cast, including screen legend Anthony Hopkins, who portrays Emperor Vespasian. Iwan Rheon stars as Tenax, Sara Martins as Cala, and Tom Hughes takes on the role of Titus. The series promises to offer a gripping portrayal of Roman society and the dark side of mass entertainment.

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The story, inspired by the non-fiction book “Those About to Die” by Daniel P. Mannix, offers a grim yet fascinating glimpse into the world of ancient Roman entertainment. The book, and subsequently the story, delve into the violent and corrupt nature of the arena games, where blood and sport were intertwined to cater to the restless and bloodthirsty masses of Roman society. This portrayal extends to the construction of the iconic Colosseum

With a substantial budget of $140 million, the series looks set to deliver a grand and authentic representation of this historical era.

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